So, while everyone was wondering what 12/12/12 was like, nothing too catastrophic happened, you might say… well, at my school, 5 armed men robbed a jewelry store and then stole a car and are currently in one of the buildings on my campus. There has been a campus-wide lock down since 4:30 this afternoon. Students who commute to school were evacuated from campus, while those of us who live here (like myself and my roommate) are trapped in our dorms without any way to get food. Yep, you read that right, they will not allow us to go to our cafeteria to get food. I feel terrible for those students who have not been hoarding food, as there is no end in sight to when the lock down will end.

As for the robbers, they are armed, and three buildings on campus have been locked down with students trapped inside with the robbers. The search is still continuing, one man has been arrested, while 4 are still loose. There is a SWAT team going through the building to try and help the students trapped inside. All classes and activities have been cancelled for the night, to try and keep everyone safe.

The campus police keep coming on intercom, telling the students to stay sheltered, and not to leave the dorms for any reason whatsoever. We are all praying that the students trapped in the building with the armed robbers are able to make it out safely and that no one is harmed. <3

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    Thank God for good timing. I hope everyone is doing ok. I hope things are cleared up soon.
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    I have a friend that goes there. I hope everybody gets out safely.
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    And this is why we don’t leave our computers. take them mo-fo’s down
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    Yup this is basically my situation. Locked in the Art Building until further notice *flips table*
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